At Bliek's

Let Us Show You Our Versatility

Whatever the project, Bliek’s Custom Fab is your #1 fabrication solution.

With an outstanding selection of equipment in house and the accessibility of more machines in different facilities, you can be assured that we have the ability to accomplish whatever your project needs. Apart from our own expertise, we have personal connections with several other local experts that allow us to complete your products more quickly and efficiently.


Let Us Show You Our Expertise

Have a print you want problem!

Not only have we completed several hundred custom projects, we have consistently maintained a great reputation with our customers. People know that they can count on Bliek's to get their custom projects done, no matter how complicated the design might be. Our employees work hard to understand exactly what you want and we pay attention to the fine details.


Let Us Show You Our Creativity

Do you have an idea in your head, but don’t know how to get started?

At Bliek's Custom Fab, our engineers and designers can help you with whatever the project. Our staff has many years of experience and passion to create parts and products for a huge variety of purposes. We have the knowledge and real-life experience to make a custom fit solution for you.


Let Us Show You Our Reachability

Your life is busy, let us help lighten the strain.

We understand that you are busy and need things ready to go quickly, but also still maintaining the credible and careful handling of your projects. At Bliek's Custom Fab, we have delivery options available so you can know that your project is professionally and safely taken care of. So relax, be comfortable, and don't feel pressured to come pick it up yourself.